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How to Get a MD Medical Marijuana Card

These are the steps to get a medical marijuana card in Maryland with the help of Leafy DOC:

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Book Your Appointment

Skip the wait at the doctor’s office and schedule your evaluation from the comfort and convenience of your home. Submit an intake form with a few personal details and a summary of your medical history; then, we’ll help you book an on-demand telehealth appointment or schedule a convenient time for later.

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Match With a Licensed Marijuana Doctor

Connect with the right doctor in minutes and easily chat with your provider on a smartphone, computer, or tablet via phone call or video. Our licensed physicians will evaluate your qualifying condition, address your questions and concerns, and then provide a recommendation for medical cannabis via email within two business days.

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Register with the Md Department of Health

A person must be registered online at the Department of Health’s portal to administer medical marijuana or participate in the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program. Register as a patient or caregiver at

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Get Your Maryland Medical Card

After the State approves your registration, your doctor will email you a digital patient ID card that can be used immediately, and a physical copy will be mailed afterward. Once you have the MMJ card, you can visit Maryland dispensaries and purchase medicinal cannabis products.

The Leafy DOC Difference

We’re here to help! At Leafy DOC, we believe that access to medical cannabis is essential; we connect medical marijuana patients with a licensed medical marijuana doctor online for patient evaluations. A certified health professional is ready to help with the medical marijuana certification.

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Maryland Marijuana Laws

  • Marijuana is a Schedule I substance in the State of Maryland
  • Federally, cannabis is still considered a Schedule I Controlled Substance
  • Simple possession (possession without the intent to distribute) of less than ten grams in Maryland is a civil offense.
  • Possession of between ten grams and less than fifty pounds of marijuana is a misdemeanor with a punishment of up to one-year imprisonment and a fine not exceeding 1,000 USD.
  • Cultivation in Maryland is punished as either simple possession or possession with intent to deliver, depending on the amount of marijuana produced and other factors that may lead to the conclusion that the marijuana was being grown for reasons other than strictly personal use.
  • Possession of marijuana-related paraphernalia is a civil violation.

Cannabis Policy Reform Timeline

  • 2010: Maryland had the fifth highest arrest rate for marijuana possession; disproportionately so for minority communities within the State
  • 2013: The Natale M. LaPrade, Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, was formed and began operations to allow patients to obtain medical marijuana.
  • 2014: Governor O’Malley signed a law to decriminalize marijuana possession of ten grams or less
  • 2016: Marijuana paraphernalia possession was dropped down to a civil infraction
  • 2017: State legislatures introduced a bill to regulate, legalize, and tax adult-use marijuana
  • 2019: A task force titled ‘Marijuana Legalization Workgroup” was formed to push for the legalization of recreational cannabis 
  • 2021: House Bill 32 was introduced to legalize weed in Maryland fully
  • 2022: Marijuana activists are hoping to gain enough signatures to bring recreational cannabis to the ballot for voters

Possession Limits in MD

  • Medical patients can possess and purchase medical marijuana in a thirty-day supply; edible forms are not permitted per the Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC); recreational possession is illegal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maryland law allows patients with the following qualifying medical conditions to apply for The Maryland medical cannabis program:
  • Cachexia, Anorexia, or Wasting Syndrome
  • Chronic pain or severe pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizures
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Another chronic medical condition/ chronic or debilitating disease is severe, for which other treatments have been ineffective.

If a patient from out of State is in Maryland for medical treatment, they can register to purchase medical cannabis. Still, the State does not recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards.

That depends on the State you visit; some states accept out-of-state MMJ cards, while others do not allow a medical marijuana patient from another state to purchase. We recommend checking local medical cannabis rules and regulations before traveling.

Maryland does not permit home cultivation for medical cannabis patients at this time. It can be punished as simple possession or possession intended to deliver if you possess more than enough for personal use.

Licensed growers certified by the MMCC can cultivate cannabis within the State once they have met background requirements and regulations.

Cannabis usage in public carries a civil fine of up to 500 USD in the State of Maryland. People caught smoking cannabis in public places or on motor vehicles, aircraft, or boats may be subject to criminal penalties, even if they have a patient id number and a medical cannabis license.

Helping you apply for a Maryland medical marijuana card

Our Mission at Leafy DOC is to provide a seamless customer experience, educate people about cannabis, and ultimately help people get an MMJ card quickly and efficiently.

We put our best efforts towards getting you legal access to cannabis products by providing health consultation and an appointment to get your medical marijuana card online.

Our team is here every step of the way to help you learn about cannabis and its medical benefits for your body and mind.

MD medical marijuana laws require all qualified residents to obtain a Maryland medical marijuana certificate before being allowed medical marijuana use.
Medical marijuanas Maryland Requirements are as follows: 
  • Maryland medical marijuana patients must be 18 years of age or older to register for the Department of Health’s medical marijuana program
  • Only those who can prove Maryland residency can apply for medical marijuana treatment via Maryland’s medical marijuana program (valid driver’s license, Government ID, utility bill)
  • A Maryland resident must also have medical history showing a diagnosis that qualifies a licensed marijuana doctor to recommend them as a patient that can legally obtain medical cannabis.

Caregivers can apply to help patients in Maryland online once they have met specific requirements. All caregivers must be 21 years old and register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission for a 50 USD fee. A caregiver must also be a Maryland resident, proving their address with a valid driver’s license or state identification card.

Once a caregiver has their valid Caregiver ID Card, they can purchase medical cannabis from Maryland dispensaries and transport it to their patient. Maryland caregivers can assist up to five patients at once, and patients may have two designated caregivers.

Visit These Maryland Hotspots After Getting Your Medical Card

Ocean City

Ocean City is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a massive sandy beach and tons of recreational water activities. The historic boardwalk is on the south side of Ocean City’s beach, where you can play games, enjoy live music, shop, and dine on delicious seafood.

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Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was formed in the 1800s and spans from Washington, DC, to Cumberland, over 100 miles. There are many trails along the canal, offering hiking and cycling opportunities and a place to enjoy the view. During the summer months, boat tours can be taken from the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center and the Williamsport Visitor Center.


As the capital of Maryland, Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and a relatively large city with many attractions for visitors. In downtown Annapolis, there’s a lot of historical architecture from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

The Annapolis City Dock offers live music and views of naval ships boarding and leaving regularly. There are tours available at the United States Naval Academy as well.

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