Personal Health Coach Consultation

Whether you’re a novice to cannabis, want to learn about new products, or are wondering if you should switch up your current dose, our Leafy DOC cannabis coaches are here to help.

We provide an opportunity to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. Book a consultation with one of our experienced, caring health coaches today to have a personalized conversation about your cannabis experience.

What you can Expect: Initial Appointment

  • All health coach consultations begin with a 45-60 minute video telehealth session
  • During this time, you’ll receive expert one-on-one cannabis coaching regarding your specific medical condition
  • Leafy DOC cannabis coaches will guide you through cannabinoids, terpenes, and strains that best fit your condition and lifestyle
  • You’ll receive a personalized plan based on your health goals to get started with medical cannabis use
  • An emailed summary of cannabis coaching consultation and an opportunity to continue working with your personal life coaching

The Future of Cannabis Medicine

The potential benefits of medical treatment with cannabis are vast. Specific cannabinoids can produce a therapeutic potential for patients with different health conditions.

Peer-reviewed studies suggest that cannabinoids have varying health benefits. They have been used throughout history to manage various health concerns and ailments. While research continues, more evidence suggests that if we integrate cannabis into modern medical practice, it may benefit human health overall.

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A few studies offer information that suggests specific cannabinoid combinations act with different compounds to provide the following potential benefits to cannabis consumers:

  • Addiction Treatment 
  • Increasing Appetite 
  • Sleep Aids and other Sleep Issues
  • Muscle Function Improvement
  • Seizure reduction and control  
  • Myofascial Pain management 
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits

Studies throughout cannabis science worldwide are ongoing to see how cannabis may aid in fighting cancer, slowing down tumor growth, and if cannabinol delays symptom onset for certain chronic pain conditions involving peripheral analgesics within the human body and our natural endocannabinoid system.

Different cannabinoids are also being looked at as cannabis care options to benefit those who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and HIV/AIDS. 

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A Professional, Personalized Experience

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A Leafy DOC cannabis coach is knowledgeable about cannabis and understands how to guide patients through creating a plan for medical marijuana use.

Our one-on-one coaching practice and personal guidance offers cannabis education and resources regarding delivery methods, dosage, and cannabis products.

All of this combined is why our cannabis coaching experience can help lead you to a happier, healthier, and pain-free you!

Book With A Personal Cannabis Health Coach Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions: leafy DOC Health COACH

An initial telehealth health coach consultation is 99 USD for one-time appointments. Several subscription packages include one telehealth consultation appointment and continuous access via your personalized messaging portal, starting at 175 USD monthly. Additional one-on-one telehealth video consultation appointments are available for purchase anytime during your subscription.

After your appointment, you’ll receive a detailed summary of the cannabis coaching consultation and a customized plan for MMJ to begin implementing in your daily life. You also have the option to purchase additional one-on-one telehealth cannabis coaching appointments to guide you through lifestyle changes.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your life?
  • Have you been approved for a Medical Cannabis card and need help with next steps?
  • Do you wish someone could walk you through the world of medicinal cannabis?
  • Have you tried other medicine and nothing works for physical pain or mental health issues?
  • Are you wondering about administering the correct dose?
  • Are you a long-time cannabis patient looking to increase your dosage?
  • Do you want to learn more about dispensaries, deliveries, strains, and other cannabis-related information?

If so, a health and wellness coaching session may benefit you!

If you:
  • are interested in receiving cannabis education about its benefits to your medical condition
  • want to learn more about cannabis as plant medicine
  • feel inclined to keep up with the ever-changing medical cannabis industry
  • want to be happier and feel better

Then, a cannabis consultation could definitely help!

A cannabis life coach is someone who is trained on medical cannabis and has an extensive background in health coaching and within the cannabis industry.

They are well-informed about guiding cannabis patients through using plant medicine that best suits their lifestyle. A cannabis coach is also a cannabis educator for experienced users and new clients alike.

  • Cannabis coaches are not licensed psychiatrists. 
  • They don’t provide mental health counseling or therapy, though they use some of the same skills, including listening and expressing concern, as well as helping set up a plan to achieve their health goals. 
  • A cannabis coach is not a trained medical physician that can approve patients for a medical card. 
  • They cannot provide an MMJ card recommendation, nor can they diagnose medical conditions. 

Some medical marijuana users may need guidance to begin the journey or even to continue it. New users tend to become overwhelmed with the vastness of the cannabis world, and experienced users often need assistance discovering new products and changing dosage.

Obtaining a medical card and signing up for a Health Coach Consultation are two different services provided by Leafy DOC.

If you are interested in beginning the process of obtaining a medical card or renewing yours, you can start here. With this process, you will book an appointment, be matched with a doctor, and evaluate your eligibility for a medical card. Then, if approved and depending on your state, you will print your temporary certification or receive your card in the mail.

The health coaching service provides education and guidance for those wanting to learn more about the medical card process. Here, you can find out if MMJ is right for you, receive instruction on your options once you’ve received the medical card, or any other health coaching assistance needed.

You do not need to be in a state where Leafy DOC operates for medical cards to book a Health Coaching telehealth appointment.

After your initial telehealth visit, get access to your life coach by signing up for one of our secure messaging subscription options. With our monthly, quarterly, or annual plans, you can have constant access to your health coach.