Do Cannabis Moon Rocks Have Medicinal Benefits? 

by Haley Mills · January 30, 2023

Do cannabis moon rocks have medicinal benefits? Discover what the research says about using this potent form of marijuana for treating various health conditions.

moon rocks

If you’ve been smoking weed for a long time, you’ve probably come across various cannabis strains and products at your local dispensary or online. The term “moon rock” combines a few cannabis forms into one (incredibly potent) nugget for smoking. Read on to learn more about cannabis moon rocks below. 

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks contain regular cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate or oil, and dry kief or pollen. Mixing these three ingredients results in what we know as moon rocks, also called cannabis caviar among connoisseurs. West Coast rapper Kurupt is known for popularizing and possibly even inventing moon rocks. 

Because of how potent they are, veteran weed smokers have traditionally enjoyed moon rocks to achieve top-tier effects. Other users even report using them to relieve chronic pain and tension within the body immediately. Novice medical marijuana users should proceed with caution, though, because even those with a high tolerance can be significantly affected. 

How are they made?

Moon rocks are made by taking a marijuana bud and dipping it in or spraying it with cannabis concentrate or oil. The coated nug is then rolled in kief. Kief, called pollen or dry sift, is the sticky crystals covering the cannabis flower. This crystal residue contains potent, tasty terpenes and cannabinoids.

How potent are they? 

The moon rock experience can be an intense ride. Because they are made by combining various cannabis forms, the intensity of the high will be more vigorous. When smoking regular buds, you can expect only to consume about twenty percent THC, whether you use a bowl, pipe, or roll a joint. 

Cannabis moon rocks provide a potency of around fifty percent THC, which is often just an estimate due to the varying strength of all the other ingredients used to make them. Moon rocks are recommended for only the most experienced marijuana users. Unless you are someone who has a high tolerance, this high might be too intense for starters. 

How do you consume moon rocks? 

Moon rocks are not edibles and are made to smoke, despite the small amount of preparation you may have done in the kitchen to create your own. You will want to be aware of some small specifics when smoking moon rocks, though, as they are slightly different from a regular bud.

While you can still roll these rocks into a joint, it’s best to smoke moon rocks using a glass bong, bowl, or pipe. If you want to place them into a moon rock joint, add some ground bud along with the moon rocks to make it easier to light.

Because of moon rock composition, you do not want to grind them up so a moon rock blunt may not be the way to go. Marijuana moon rocks are sticky and greasy from the concentrated oil, which will clog up your grinder. It is best to break up the nugs carefully by hand. Many users have reported that scissors work best to cut big moon rocks into smaller pieces because grinders allowed moon rocks to crumble into kief too easily.

What are the positive effects? 

The benefits of using this form of marijuana are no different from the benefits of marijuana in general. Moon rocks are heavy-hitting, but if dosed correctly, they can help medical marijuana users tremendously. Moon rocks can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and inflammation, control chronic pain, fight appetite loss or nausea, and treat epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, and other ailments.

However, the usual roundup of positive side effects one may get from using moderately potent cannabis flower can also be achieved through moon rocks. The main difference is that they are typically a lot stronger and the moon rock high is longer-lasting, so you can potentially use less product to get the same relief.

Are there potential risks? 

The long-term effects of high-THC products and marijuana on the brain have yet to be studied in depth. Researchers do not yet know how the regular use of cannabis can impact humans’ mental and physical health. 

Smoke and second-hand smoke can contain toxins that irritate the lungs. Keep in mind these general risks when using any cannabis products. Moon rocks are incredibly potent, so it’s best to proceed cautiously. Some reported side effects are similar to smoking moderate to high-THC cannabis products.

They include:
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • increased heart rate
  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • sleepiness
  • headaches
  • dry mouth
  • impaired memory
  • dry, red eyes
  • cough or other respiratory issues
  • extreme hunger 

It may be wise to ensure you have completed your daily tasks before you smoke moon rocks since the effects may leave you extra relaxed. It’s important to note that some users have reported high for several hours, including the next day. 

Is Moon Rock legal?

Yes, in most legal states. While many states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes, it is still illegal in some areas. Check the laws in your specific area to be sure of your limitations. If you live in a legal state and have more questions about moon rocks, a dispensary will have you covered. They can help you choose the potency and product right for you.

What is a cannabis concentrate? 

Concentrates, by definition, are simply extracts derived from flower, yet, the way in which they are extracted determines the final product. Most concentrates are products of butane hash oil, but they can differ from concentrate to concentrate. Basically, cannabis plants are combined with a solvent, and these solvents strip the terpenes and THC content from the plant. Different methods and solvents produce a variety of different kinds of concentrates and are the reason no one dab is ever alike.

DIY Moon Rocks

Here’s what you need to make cannabis moon rocks at home:

  • Your favorite buds
  • Cannabis concentrate/hash oil
  • Kief from the bottom of your grinder
  • Small tongs or tweezers
  • A liquid dropper


  1. Select a couple of nugs.
  2. Grab the concentrate. If it’s super thick and tough to manipulate, heat it until it is in liquid form, then use a dropper to cover your bud in the oil completely. Be sure not to oversaturate it, as this will require a long drying time and smoking difficulty. 
  3. Use the tongs to grab the bud and cover it in kief by rolling. 
  4. Let the Moon Rocks fully dry. Once it is dried, you are ready for use. 

Where to Buy Moon Rocks

The cannabis industry has quickly made moon rocks popular due to their potency and efficiency. Many medical dispensaries carry moon rocks to purchase if you do not have the ingredients or time to make your own.

Early on, consumers may have to pay up to 1,400 USD an ounce for these luxury rocks. As the legal cannabis market has increased, the price has dropped significantly to around thirty dollars per gram in most areas.

These prices can vary on location and availability, but for an item known as “cannabis caviar”, it’s not much more expensive than other everyday marijuana products. Talk to your local budtenders for more information on locating cannabis moon rocks near you. 

Tips for Being Safe with Moon Rocks

Novice users should start light. You can always smoke more if you feel you want to get higher. Eating beforehand can be an excellent way to avoid nausea on the chance this does happen. From the beginners to the initiated, these tips can help you make the best of your time with moon rocks.

It is best to smoke moon rocks in a place that will be comfortable for you. Choose somewhere that makes you feel at ease and where you can sit or lie down. You may want to chill out with yourself or whoever you are with, maybe listening to music or watching one of your favorite shows. The high from moon rocks can also be pretty intense, so if you do get any of the previously mentioned adverse side effects, a place with a cozy bed or couch to help you relax will be ideal.

Moon rocks are known for being a slow burn. There are some immediate effects, but typically it takes about thirty minutes to feel the high fully. After that point, you may remain elevated for several hours. To avoid getting too high on your moon rocks and ruining your experience, start with a low dose to see how you handle it. Break up a small number of moon rocks into your glass or bowl at first, or even sprinkle some over regular flowers for a little extra kick. Once you understand how you feel on moon rocks, you can adjust things from there.

Reports of cottonmouth are standard in moon rock territory, but this side effect has an easy fix. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after smoking moon rocks will help with a dry mouth. Keep a water bottle or glass nearby to remember to take sips from it quickly. And if you want to be prepared, keep a whole gallon within arms reach in case a walk to the nearest sink for refills seems too much once the high kicks in.

Final Thoughts

While moon rocks may not be for everyone, they could be effective for medical marijuana users who are looking to increase the potency or intensity of the effects. They are relatively easy to make at home and can provide instant and longer-lasting relief than other cannabis products.

If you are considering trying marijuana moon rocks, we recommend discussing this treatment option with your MMJ provider and starting slow and steady with the dosage.  Otherwise, enjoy the experience! 

Last Updated: January 30, 2024

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